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Richard D. Warren Mediation Services - Mediation

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California Mediation

Finding an Acceptable Solution

Quite often a solution that is found during mediation is not the exact middle ground in the dispute, but rather a resolution that is acceptable to everyone. Working to help parties arrive at the point resolution, mediator Rick Warren is a calm force that will listen to both sides, seek creative opportunities for compromise and then find an acceptable solution to which the parties can agree.

From his law office in the San Francisco Bay area, Rick Warren acts as a mediator for clients throughout California. He offers a free initial consultation and does not charge for travel time.

me·di·a·tion: noun: the act or process of mediating; especially: intervention between conflicting parties to promote reconciliation, settlement, or compromise — Merriam Webster

A Mediation Process That Works

In business mediation or mediation between individuals, the neutral third party will bring the two sides together to reach a solution or resolution. Mediation is not about who wins or who is right. It is about ending the dispute.

Rick Warren's approach to mediation has been highly successful.

  • Set the stage — with a calm, patient, focused attitude
  • Hold a joint session with the parties and their attorneys — listen for needs as well as wants
  • Private meetings with each side — exploring the broader considerations such as the time and resources, human and financial, needed to pursue the resolution process and the effects of the dispute on on-going business operations or other issues
  • Discover a full range of solutions — ones that are reasonable, achievable, acceptable
  • Take the final step — a lasting resolution agreement

Contact Mediator Warren

If your law firm is looking for an experienced lawyer to act as a mediator, please call 800-262-5647 or contact the law office online to schedule an appointment.