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Richard D. Warren Mediation Services - Mediation

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California Arbitration

Fair and Binding Arbitration

In 1995, after nearly 20 years as a trial lawyer, attorney Rick Warren began to focus his law practice in two main areas: neutral services, which includes mediation, arbitration and other alternative neutral services, and; litigation and appeals for liquor license owners in the state of California. He has served as a neutral arbitrator in more than 100 arbitrations and served on several arbitration panels.

ar·bi·tra·tion: noun: the action of arbitrating; especially: the hearing and determination of a case in controversy by an arbiter — Merriam Webster

Broad Trial Experience ∙ Committed to Fairness

Attorney Rick Warren's commitment to fairness is very important in binding arbitration, which carries a very narrow opportunity to appeal. He is committed to the arbitration process and to remaining neutral. An arbitrator must be committed to rendering a decision that is demonstrably based on the evidence presented in the hearing and applicable legal principles.

Rick Warren is an experienced and knowledgeable arbitrator with a high degree of integrity and professionalism. The end result is an arbitration process that is fair, efficient and economical. The decision that emerges is binding and enforceable by the courts.

From his law office in Berkeley, California, Rick Warren has arbitrated disputes in the following areas:

  • Commercial / business disputes
  • Construction
  • Insurance coverage
  • Environmental
  • Real estate contracts and leases
  • Employment law
  • Personal injury
  • Professional disputes

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