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Richard D. Warren Mediation Services - Mediation

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California Alternative Neutral Services

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Beyond mediation and arbitration exist other neutral legal services. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) process have gained a footing and are being used many areas of the law, including family law. Beyond mediation and arbitration, which are well defined, additional ADR processes are being applied and are being used to different degrees depending on the state.

Richard Warren, located in the San Francisco Bay Area, offers a number of ADR services that are neutral, efficient and cost effective for the clients.

dis·pute: noun 1) verbal controversy or debate; quarrel 2) physical combat (obsolete) — Merriam Webster

Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods / Services

Attorney Warren has experience throughout California in the following alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods as a neutral third party:

  • Presiding over a mini-trial — thereby, inducing the parties to come to an agreement
  • Act as a neutral referee — under an order of reference (referral order)
  • Act as a Special Master — similar to referee and sometimes called a court commissioner or magistrate

It has been said that nothing can originate before a referee, and nothing can terminate with or by the decision of a referee. A judge will adopt the referee's recommendation or modify it as he or she sees fit. The referee holds an important place in the legal world, however, including hearing complicated matters like financial accountings, property lien issues, or business valuation disputes.

Whether it is in his role as referee, Special Master, mediator or arbitrator, Richard Warren brings the utmost level of professionalism, experience and neutrality to his dispute resolution role.

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