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Richard D. Warren Mediation Services - Mediation

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Hearing Both Sides ∙ Seeing Resolutions

The Law Office of Richard D. Warren is located in Berkley, California. From his San Francisco Bay Area location, attorney Rick Warren serves attorneys, law firms, businesses and individuals in Northern California, Central Valley and Southern California. With more than three decades of experience, primarily in business law and commercial and real estate litigation, his law practice today focuses on two areas of law:

  • Neutral services such as mediation, arbitration and other alternative dispute resolution services
  • Litigation and appeals for businesses and individuals holding a liquor license

neu∙tral: adjective 1) not engaged on either side; specifically: not aligned with a political or ideological grouping 2) of or relating to a neutral state or power 3) not decided or pronounced as to characteristics — Merriam Webster

As a mediator, arbitrator and neutral party, Rick Warren helps parties find resolutions in commercial disputes, real estate, construction, insurance coverage, environmental, personal injury, employment law, and professional disputes.

With successful experience as a trial attorney, Rick Warren has developed the ability to remain neural and resist adopting the emotions or stress of those around him. Often a mediator or arbitrator is a retired judge or attorney, with experience making decisions. Rick Warren's experience as a litigator gives him the skill to motivate others to find a position of compromise or resolution. Although he has no stake in the outcome, he has the ability to influence others to find a fair solution.

Referrals Welcome

Known for his experience and reputation for objectivity and fairness, Rick Warren regularly accepts referrals from law firms and lawyers throughout California. All initial consultations are free. After retaining him as a neutral party or mediator, out of pocket travel costs should be reimbursed by the client, but there are no charges for travel time.

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