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Richard D. Warren Mediation Services - Mediation

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California Mediation/Arbitration

Neutral Persistence

Parties in need of mediation, arbitration or other alternative dispute resolution services, may be in need of efficient, cost-effective resolutions to disputes that both parties can agree upon.

There are many reasons that parties may be looking to resolve disagreements through alternative dispute resolution. Perhaps a business dispute has temporarily closed a company's doors and an efficient, economical resolution is preferred. Or, perhaps a judge has ordered compulsory arbitration.

Perhaps it is in everyone's best interest to retain a mediator or arbitrator who is not only neutral, but persistent enough to get to resolution typically in one day.

Perhaps it is time to contact Richard Warren.

From his law office in Berkley, California, attorney Rick Warren offers mediation, arbitration and other alternative dispute resolution services to clients throughout California. Primarily retained as a neutral party for business disputes, Rick Warren also acts as a mediator or arbitrator in disputes between individuals, or between an individual and an entity.

Solo practitioners as well as lawyers in a large law firm, appreciate the qualities that Rick Warren brings to the table. They are qualities that allow him to help parties reach agreements in a timely fashion.

  • Unflappable neutrality — that is unswayed by stress and emotion
  • Ability to not only listen — but to hear the needs of each side
  • Ability to see the point of agreement — which may or may not be in the middle
  • Flexible and creative — to explore all options
  • A broad range of experience — and an impartial personality to bring it all together

Free Initial Consultation. No Charge for Travel Time. Flat Rates

Attorney Rick Warren is a mediator and arbitrator with experience and a calm demeanor. Call 800-262-5647 or contact the law office online to schedule an appointment.

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